Travel the World Making New Friends


We create unique, carefree, extraordinary travel experiences with lasting memories for groups while offering unsurpassed value and exceptional quality with personalized service and professional attention to detail.


Choose from Three Options in Travel:

Cruising with a Mission:  


Cruising provides a unique opportunity to be around people over a protracted period of time to be salt and light.  There is tremendous opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with other cruisers during meals, activites and down time.  We have discovered that people are willing to interact with new friends in a very open and candid way, leading to conversations of faith, spirituality and God.  When you participate in a Cruise Mission, you are seeking opportunities to plant, water or harvest the gospel message of hope.  We also provide some simple tools to assist cruisers in their missional activity and provide follow-up to encourage cruisers in their journey to God and with God.

Travelling to Mission:  


We have missionary partners around the world that are doing awesome ministry in foreign lands.  We have found the value of exposing these mission fields to our travellors as a means to more fully understand these ministries and provide opportunities to partner with them.  We compile an iterary that is safe, comfortable and yet allows travellers engage first hand with missionaries and national leaders.  We also enhance these trips with guest speakers, local attractions, local shopping and rest and relaxation.

Christian Travel Tours    


We have been able to create vaired and meaningful travel options for Christians desiring to see the world while enjoying Christian fellowship.  Join us and you will experience exciting, enjoyable, and a carefree journey to your destination! We will help you enjoy the journey and expand your horizon with opportunities to learn the history, experience the different cultures, taste the local culinary, savor the beauty and encounter the local influence while making friends and lasting memories. / © 2020  Box 3003 Langley BC V3A 4R3